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I'm Rose  (Certified Life Coach Radio Show Host

And Author)

Outspoken Woman Solutions mission is to empower, enlighten, and educate a world of hurting women! We dedicate ourselves to helping women realize their worth. We make sure women know they are bigger than the current trial they are facing. 

I, Rose, have faced some of lifes wildest adversities and used my trials to get to triumph. I have become more than my environment and circumstances expected of me. I've given my broken pieces to God and allowed him to make a masterpiece. My vulnerability, transparency, and scars are the very reason I am where I am. 

You can't heal what you won't reveal!

Trust your intuition and success will follow


Life Coach

As a life coach, Rose aids her clients in Relationship and Career building, also their day to day living.

Rose will help you clarify your goals and identify your obstacles. Sometimes, just having someone else to conversate with can help you figure out the biggest issue and that person is Rose. She is an effective communicator! 

Motivational Speaker

Rose Nelson is a powerhouse who has overcome some of life's greatest adversities.  Rose is on a mission to educate, enlighten, empower and elevate audiences around the globe as she shares her personal story of overcoming some of life's greatest adversities as she gives them a new sense of hope and a place where silence can be broken.

Speaking Topics :

Choosing Joy

Survival of the fittest 

More than ENOUGH


In her book A Rose In The Jungle,  she opens up about domestic violence, sexual abuse, losing a child and so many other things life has taken her through. This book is necessary for teaching women their worth, giving hope, and a place where silence can be broken.

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